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Performances of Tales of a Talking Piano:

  • Tales of a Bear: «The squirrel that made a forest disappear»            

​Commissioned by the Greek National Opera as part of the 6th Online festival «The Bear and the Baritone on Other Planets» on GNO TV

available from December 2021 until April 2022 here

A squirrel, the darkness-woman and a walking tree meet up in an original music fairy tale about diversity. Stop motion animation and contemporary music create a magic forest of sounds and images, inspired by Sofia Gubaidulina’s work Musical Toys (1969).

Music curation (musical collage, improvisation), piano, keyboard, mechanical-clockwork toys: Ann-Kristin Sofroniou
Original story, libretto, English translation: Andriana Minou
Illustration, animation: Christina Spanou
Narration, singing, vocal improvisation: Maria Katrivesi
Sound recording, editing: Kostas Bokos – Studio 19

  • 'Spingtime Story'


April 2017

Jamboree Music Hall, London 

As part of the monthly event 'Coocoolili' 


  • 'The fish and the boy'


October 2017

As part of the Conference "Music for and by Children: Perspectives from Children, Composers, Performers, and Educators" at the University of Aveiro, Portugal

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