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Educational Output

The project Tales of a Talking Piano outsources with the following educational workshops: 

  • Music fairy-tales workshops: Children are introduced in music fairy-tales and are led through specific actions to write their own story, assimilate the particular pianistic repertoire, and take active role on how to adapt and create musical material for the story. Children are becoming both the story-writers and story-tellers, as much as the music-writers and music-players. The workshop outsources with a short performance of a musical fairy-tale, although the main goal of this workshop is for children to get acquainted with the process in putting together words and music and how one affects the other.  

Workshop leaders:

Andriana Minou | writer & musician 

Ann-Kristin Sofroniou | pianist/musician  

  • Contemporary piano music and improvisation workshops for young pianists: Piano repertoire of contemporary music that has been composed either for children or about children, becomes the tool with which to introduce contemporary music making and extended piano techniques to young pianists. Within the group workshops, the pianists get acquainted with this repertoire in action, through the use of solo piano pieces as well as pieces for four-hands and six-hands. Additionally, material that derive from the works themselves are used as the primary source in group improvisations in which the target is for the children to develop a deeper understanding and cognitive perception of various extended piano techniques and contemporary music-making. 

Workshop leader:

Ann-Kristin Sofroniou | pianist


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